Careers at AUTISMAG®

What we do?

Parenting kids with special needs, such as Autism, has always been a challenge for most. AutisMag drives targeted inclusion programs to help parents assume a directorial role in the development of their children, without necessarily needing to rely upon specialized care providers (at least on a day to day basis).

In these programs, the parents are trained over a 3 to 6 months period to identify, design and execute strategies that deliver measurable progress in their children's lives.

As a part of our core team, you will uptake a leadership role to guide, motivate and mentor these parents to become a change agent in their children's life.

While this is a noble cause, the program is not charitable in nature. Parents who enrol to this program need to pay fees or access their grants/funding - and regardless, they deserve the right level of care and premium support from our team.

To support this mission, we are actively looking for specialized caregivers working with kids and their parents on the Spectrum who can create a massive impact in these parent's lives by adopting the train-the-trainer approach.

As a part of your job, you would mostly be working with these parents.

Note: Culture and empathy is our most important asset! Only participants, who subscribe to this vision and purpose may apply by filling out this form below.