10 Fun Activities For Children With Autism


Fun Activities for Children with Autism

What should Activities for Children with Autism Look Like?

In this post, we will talk about 10 such activities for children with Autism that are full of fun! On a second thought, it would be wrong to call them just fun. Any activity should teach something but what more important is that the learning out of these activities should be fun. Craft activities are fun for everyone but for children with Autism, it’s an opportunity to explore colours, shapes and every other thing that can contribute to the sensory development of a child. It stimulates attention, fosters calm and brings joy to the whole experience! Here are 10 such activities that benefit the children with special needs.

1. Shredded Flower Bouquet

shredded-paper-flower-bouquet-gift-slideShredded paper is beautiful if it’s shredded and ripped with a colourful composition in mind. Rightly done, it makes for a great gift or decoration. The sensory experience of handling paper and manipulating colours and shapes is loved by kids with special needs.


2. Ice-painting

paint-with-ice-slideFreeze the paint before you hand it out for use! Let kids swirl the melting paint over paper. This can be an encouragement towards creating beautiful designs. It teaches colour recognition and thereby, increasing observation skills.


3. Paint-chip Storytelling

practice-paint-chip-storytelling-slideThere’s little difference between story-telling and painting pictures. Words or paint, they get used almost the same way. It’s an imaginative activity where a child tells a story using paint chips and words. Alter the activity – this again depends on till what extent a child is affected with ASD – to spark his/her imagination further. This will increase the child’s narrative abilities and give him/her a colourful good time.


4. Underwater I-Spy Alphabet Bottle

underwater-spy-alphabet-bottle-slideSparkling water attracts curiosity. The alphabet bottle; therefore, keeps children engaged and focused. Recognizing letters is fun and a great activity if the craft follows creative ways like while enjoying beautiful shines and sparkles of the floating sequins.


5. Matching Halves

halves-slideThis game introduces children to puzzles and particularly useful towards ASD-kids who find order and simplicity much appealing. Each craft-stick will have only half a shape: children got to find a stick with the missing half. This is followed by placing the sticks side by side to complete a picture.


6. Heard of the Sensory Table?

sensory-table-slideIt helps to explore the senses. The sensory table is the children’s version of mosh-pit; it is used for squishing, sorting, sifting, digging, pouring…and everything messy you can think about. Children; however, relish such opportunities. Getting messy, discovering new things and playing freely engages their sense of touch, hearing and sight. You can find similar sensory activities with sand table.


7. Oobleck Science

solid-liquid-fifth-slideExperiments with the classic science that deals with the mysteries of states of matter introduce kids to enjoyable experiences. The activity shall engage them into the sensory experiences of squeezing and splashing associated with this gooey scientific investigation.



8. Smelling Station

You’ll need small containers, scraps of fabric, rubber bands and fragrant ingredients; the more, the merrier. Create a whole collection of smells to tease your child’s nose. Smell is a sense with direct effects on cognition and overall health. Kids will love to learn its role in breathing and relaxation exercises and also benefit from it.


9. Number Rubbings

numberrubbings-preschool-slideKids and crayons go hand in hand. They love to colour just about everything. This art streak can be put to good use. Introduce them to rubbings, which will make them work the small muscles in their hands and improve coordination between the eyes and the hands. Using different surfaces to practicing shapes and numbers is also a part of the activity.


10. Sculpt Clay Snowflakes

snowflake-sculptures-slideSculpting is a great way to boost fine motor skills; more so in ASD children. Make them sculpt with clay. Children love the sensory experience of squishing, pulling and kneading; these will be a part of the work.


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